Womens Health Matters reduces health inequalities experienced by women from communities across Leeds.

We work with women who have unequal access to health and support services due to poverty, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or traumatic personal experience.

Our outreach work allows us to broaden our reach to a wide range of women who have often found it more difficult to work with statutory services. Through group work, peer support and intensive 1:1 support we create a safe environment where women can build trusting relationships and begin to recover their health and regain control of their lives.

You have been an awesome inspiration in my life, thank you for your kindness, advice and support.

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Latest News

A celebration of women’s voices in film.

Women’s Lives Leeds* have partnered with Heart and A Listening Space to show a season of films by women writers/ film makers as part of the centenary celebrations of women’s suffrage. We are delighted to let you know about the first in the series of Women’s Voices in Film, including a Ted Talk.  Please come along and support this event, tickets …

Fundraising news.

We are delighted to announce the support of two new funders! The Pilgrim Trust is supporting Womens Health Matters with £35,661 over 3 years, contributing to the costs of our management team.  They want to enable us to continue to reach Leeds’ most vulnerable women, empowering them to overcome health inequalities, recover their health and regain control of …