The Key Girl’s Group do some positive reflection

Last week, our youngest group – The Key girl’s group – came to the end of the programme.  For some group members, this meant their final session when they move on to other things (other groups, individual support or no longer needing any support).  As The Key is a rolling programme (meaning that people can start at any point and finish after completing a set number of sessions), the rest of the group are staying with us.  It was a time for everyone to think about how far they’ve come while they’ve been with us, whether for 5 sessions or 15, and to think about all of the coping mechanisms they’ve learnt.

They really wanted to share their journey with others, so here are the photos of some of their fabulous flowers.

The first flower showswhere they were before they came to The Key, where they used words like ‘alone’ and ‘depressed’.

The middle one shows where they are now, ‘more control & stable’, ‘Happy’ and ‘not overdosing or cutting’.

The third flowers shows where they want to be in the future including thinking about what careers and family lives they may want (click on the photos to read them).




Throughout the programme, we’ve talked about being kind to ourselves, especially when the world around us doesn’t feel so kind. We can receive so many negative messages about ourselves from partners, family, the media and society in general that it’s so important to take time to love ourselves.  Again, the girls thought about all of the sessions they’ve done with us, including those on abusive relationships, healthy family and friendships, self-harm, self-esteem and managing difficult emotions and came up with these ‘gratitude mirrors’.









The mirrors are there for when we are feeling down or rubbish about ourselves, as reminders of how amazing we are.  The girls came up with amazing positive messages including things like ‘I am capable of so much’, ‘You always do just fine’, ‘Everyone believes in you’ and ‘Never forget who you are’.

For some of us, it’s taken a really long time to be able to believe these things about ourselves so it’s especially powerful when a group of us believe them.









If you or someone you know would like to join The Key Girls Group we currently have spaces, it’s for girls 13+, we meet weekly in the city centre after school/ college and we provide transport. Get in touch with us on 2762851 or email



A celebration of women’s voices in film.

Women’s Lives Leeds* have partnered with Heart and A Listening Space to show a season of films by women writers/ film makers as part of the centenary celebrations of women’s suffrage.

We are delighted to let you know about the first in the series of Women’s Voices in Film, including a Ted Talk.  Please come along and support this event, tickets are only £5.00/£4.00, hosted at HEART in Headingley on Wednesday 24 October from 7-9.30pm.  Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

You can also see the poster here –

The Divine Order Poster – final

*Womens Health Matters is a partner in the unique collaboration of 11 women and girls organisations in Leeds – Women’s Lives Leeds.

Meet more of our Trustees!

A few months ago we got to know some of our trustees a little more, here we meet the fabulous Hannah and Tracey!


Why did you become a Trustee for Womens Health Matters?

I applied to be a trustee for WHM because I had known about the organisation since I was a child in Leeds, and so had an understanding of the impact the charity has. I moved from a job in a charity to one in the local authority and wanted to stay connected to the third sector in some way. As I had time and hopefully useful skills to offer, WHM felt like a natural choice to approach about volunteering as a Trustee.

What is your favourite thing about Womens Health Matters?

My favourite thing about WHM is the fact that every time I read a report or speak to the staff about the work they are doing with women, I am overwhelmed yet again with what an incredibly important service WHM delivers. And that all the staff and all the trustees have a uniting belief that women can and should be in control of their own lives and health. It’s a great team to be part of.

What do you do outside of Womens Health Matters? 

I work for Leeds City Council Children’s Services, in the Voice and Influence Team. I coordinate participation, consultation and involvement activities specifically for children who are looked after or care leavers, including running two young people’s Council’s. My job also involves working closely with senior leadership, service leads and councillors related to Children’s Social Care Services.

If you had a magic wand what would you do with it?  

I’d give every little girl in the world unshakable self-confidence. And I’d make houses self cleaning – no more wasted hours scrubbing the bathroom!



Why did you become a Trustee for Womens Health Matters?

I first became aware of WHM though the joint work with the Maternity Liaison Services Committee (now Maternity Voices Partnership). I am a doctor who works in the maternity units in Leeds. I am passionate about empowering women to make the right choices for them during their pregnancies. I have particular interests in supporting vulnerable women and supporting those women who may face challenges accessing services. I run a specialist clinic for those women who have had female genital mutilation to ensure they have the right information during their pregnancies and at the time of their births. As WHM also supports those groups of women, I wanted to be able to provide my own support by volunteering to become a trustee.

What is your favourite thing about Womens Health Matters?

Whenever I hear the stories and journeys of women who have been helped by WHM, it reiterates the importance of the work the charity does. Attending the AGM always makes me be proud of what women can achieve, despite often extreme adverse situations. It is so positive to see how women’s lives can change, given the right support and help through WHM.

What do you do outside of Womens Health Matters?

I am a consultant working in the two maternity units in Leeds. I always knew that when I qualified as a doctor that I wanted to work in Obstetrics. I am passionate the care that is provided to women allowing them to make and be supported in the choices for birth.

If you had a magic wand what would you do with it?

I would want all women worldwide to be able to access safe and free health care during pregnancy.




Fundraising news.

We are delighted to announce the support of two new funders!

The Pilgrim Trust is supporting Womens Health Matters with £35,661 over 3 years, contributing to the costs of our management team.  They want to enable us to continue to reach Leeds’ most vulnerable women, empowering them to overcome health inequalities, recover their health and regain control of their lives.

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation is supporting us with a one-year grant of £11,305.  Their particular interest is in our group work to support women and girls affected by violence and abuse.  Groups offer a safe space for women to meet others with similar experiences. We talk through issues affecting their safety and wellbeing. We know that women are the experts in their own situations and that with the right support they will find the best way to move forward. We help them build resilience and support wellbeing. We offer signposting, advice and referrals for additional support where it is needed.

Thank you to both Trusts for their support – it is invaluable!  To all those reading this…..if you work for an organisation you think can support our work, or as an individual want to make a donation or do something special for us to raise money, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us on 0113 2762851 or

You can also donate to us directly via Local Giving.