Fi’s incredible 10k run!

Last month our Fi completed a 10k run on behalf of Womens Health Matters, here she tells us exactly what happened.

On Sunday 20th May me and 2 feisty friends set out on the Great Manchester 10k Run. Mo Farrah started us off which was very exciting, however the heat and the mean streets soon took their toll and after 5k energy levels were low. Amazingly the crowd were with us and a bunch of guides and scouts suddenly appeared handing out jelly babies – I thought it was a mirage. And then the best bit of all – the run through showers. If I hadn’t had another 4k to go I would have gone through twice, three, four times even. I have to admit to walking around the 8k mark but the crowd got me going again and in the final run to the line at the start of Deansgate, I felt like an Olympic athlete being cheered on to the gold medal? Is there a type of medal for being 15067th?

Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed my toasted marmite and cheese celebration sandwich afterwards with my running buddies and a cup of tea. And, despite the hard slog, I would definitely do it again.


Many thanks to all who sponsored and supported me you are all stars. I managed to raise £316.25 in all and Jude (in the photo) raised a further £50 for us. So a grand total of £366.25 to support the most vulnerable women in Leeds.

If this has inspired you to get out there, be active and help raise funds for Womens Health Matters then it’s very easy to set up a fundraising page. Either go to the Local Giving website or get in touch and we will help you.