Spotlight on…. Aneira!

Every few months we try to have a bit of a ‘getting to know you’ from one of our team.  This time it was lovely Aneira’s turn.  She’s has been with us a few months now so it’s time to see how she’s settling in!

Spotlight on our staff

What does your role involve?

I work on The Key project which supports girls and young women (13-25) that have witnessed or experienced domestic violence. We address all sorts of topics in our groups, including healthy and unhealthy relationships, friendships, consent, staying safe, and self-esteem and confidence. We also look at any topics that the young women feel would be beneficial.

What’s your favourite thing at Womens Health Matters?

I love all the women that work here- everyone is so happy and friendly, it’s a very easy going place to work.

What are three things you like to do?

I like to chill out with a good film or a TV series (Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are my current favourites). I also don’t mind a good documentary every now and again.

I enjoy arts and crafts – drawing, colouring and making little bits and bobs for around the house and the garden

Shopping for shoes!! I love shoes!

If you had a magic wand what would you do with it?

I don’t like to see people unhappy or upset so I would use it to make everyone happy and smiley! =)