Spotlight on our staff! Hello from Lizzie.

Here’s another ‘getting to know you’ post about one of our team members. This time, it’s the lovely Lizzie’s turn to introduce herself and her work!


Spotlight on our staff

What does your role involve?

I started as the Development Worker for Rainbow Hearts at the end of June 2017. We offer weekly sessions for women seeking asylum in Leeds. I have been helping develop the group’s work around supporting the womens’ mental health and well-being. Going through the asylum system is extremely stressful and women benefit from having a safe-space where they can meet, make new friends and support each other.

 We have started a volunteer programme where women from the group have been trained and supported to facilitate activities and offer practical and emotional help to their peers. I have also been strengthening our partnerships to ensure the women we support have access to the information and services they need, and that women in Leeds are aware of our work.

What’s your favourite thing at Womens Health Matters?

I love the women-centered approach that runs through the whole organisation – its so great to work somewhere where we can prioritise support that is guided by the women’s needs and everyone is treated as an individual.


What are three things you like to do?

 I have been doing a pottery course for a while – I’m not very arty but doing something creative takes you out of your bubble for a few hours a week.  I also love walking and watching crime/legal dramas.


If you had a magic wand what would you do with it?

For the women we support – free childcare would be an easy fix! It stops so many women accessing services they need.