Summer time and the living is…busy!

Lots of our groups broke up for the summer this week and we’ve had some really lively sessions.  Some of our other groups had interesting, and often very lively, discussions on healthy vs unhealthy relationships (if it’s not ok for your partner to check your phone, is it really ok for you to check his??).  One of our groups started to look at the impact of domestic abuse on our wider friends and family.  This session followed a set of sessions covering the impact of domestic abuse on us and the impact on children of all ages.  We talked about how domestic abuse can have a ‘ripple effect’ throughout families and communities.  A difficult subject but as usual, we all left feeling really positive about what we’d shared and how far we’ve come.

The first school programme for The Key came to an end with some fantastic feedback (we’ll post about that later), we’re already in the process of speaking to schools about where our next programme will be in September.  No slowing down in WHM towers! Happy summer hols!