Women's Group

SEEN – seen, empowered, enabled, noticed

SEEN works with groups of disabled women across Leeds providing support and promoting good physical and mental health by:

  • supporting the women to get together in groups and become independent
  • developing creative projects and enabling and supporting women to engage in interesting activities
  • offering information and advice on issues such as breast awareness, cervical screening and the menopause
Any disabled woman interested in joining a group contact us on: 0113 2762851 or

email: admin@womenshealthmatters.org.uk

H.O.P.E (Health Organisations Positive Experiences)

City Wide disabled women’s campaigning group

Our Aims:

  • To encourage and enable the participation of all members to have their own voice in health & socail care services.
  • To raise awareness of the health needs of disabled women with service providers
  • To provide a safe, supportive and accessible setting to enable disabled women to meet, discuss and devise exciting ways to campaign on health related issues

We meet every month in an accessible venue; we provide transport and personal assistance at meetings.

Lack of accessible ifnormation and services can mean disabled women face many barriers in getting the right health services.

Through the work, we are doing HOPE aims to change attitudes and remove bariers.

If you are interested or want more information please contact us on: 0113 2762851 or email