The SEEN (Seen, Enabled, Empowered and Noticed) project supports disabled women through group work sessions.  We share information, provide peer support as well as raising wider awareness about disabled women’s health issues and improving access to services.

Feelgood, in partnership with People in Action, offers 6 weekly programmes for groups of women with learning disabilities.  These sessions are tailored to the needs of the women but cover topics such as our bodies and relationships.


The project offers –

  • Support with transport
  • The opportunity for women with disabilities to take part in various involvement or research projects to make sure their voices are heard
  • Bespoke group work programmes


What group members have said about SEEN –

Lovely women’s group, can talk about US.

Clearer in my identity as a disabled woman.

Learn from each other and celebrate each other.

You can refer yourself or be referred by a professional.  If you’d like a referral form, a leaflet or to ask us any questions, contact us on 0113 2762851.