Wonderful feedback of our DV group

Karen, one of our Project Workers, recently received some fantastic feedback from a woman who had just finished attending one of our LDVS domestic violence support groups – 

“I must admit on my first time at the group meeting I had no idea what to expect and didn’t really want to talk to anyone. I had no confidence and felt that no one could have been through what I had been through so how could they understand or answer any of the questions that I had failed to find the answers to myself.

I was welcomed and given a coffee and almost immediately felt at ease. I soon began to realise that the meetings were about me and the future rather than trying to understand what had happened in the past.

Over the next few weeks it become clear that the questions I thought I needed to be answered had become insignificant and the future was mine to grasp. I found comfort in listening to the others in the group and realised I was not alone with my thoughts anymore as other members of the group were in my position. Some had started to find ways to move on and some were struggling but we were all in it together.

On the weeks where we analysed what we had been through it made you realise why we felt the way we did but we always looked at things from two opposing viewpoints and discussed how we could turn the negatives into positives. It was amazing to see some people arrive in the depth of despair lacking in hope and then see them blossom and grow in confidence and self worth.

I saw and felt this week by week in myself. Karen would encourage us and made us believe that we could get through this. That there was light at the end of the tunnel. That we could get our lives back on track and they would be so much better, even if it meant doing it alone. She made us believe that we were what she said we were ‘strong, independent women’!

I recently left the group knowing I am back in charge of my life and my future. It has not been easy but the support Karen, Andrea and other members of the group gave me has been invaluable. I will never forget the support in emotional and practical terms which I received. I have found the confidence now to do a voluntary job as a receptionist and I love it.

I can live a life with my head held high. I have so much admiration for the way Karen has directed us and encouraged us to be the best we can be and will always be glad that I join the group.”