A big celebration of our work and 100 year of suffrage.

2018 marks the 100 year anniversary of women of Great Britain starting to win the right to vote. We hosted a celebration for women we support, staff, Trustees and external guests.   A huge thanks to the Women’s Lives Leeds Centenary Celebration Community Outreach programme and White Rose for contributing to the funding of this event.                           

We were delighted to welcome Kim Leadbeater (MP Jo Cox’s sister) and Councillor Alison Lowe as our guest speakers. They spoke brilliantly, engaging the audience and sharing their passion for the work they are involved in and the importance of women using their voice and voting in local and national elections.


Women from our Rainbow Hearts group sang beautifully, their voices lifting hearts and spirits high! Many women we support shared a little of their story and their work with WHM. This is always a moving reminder of the value of what we do, the strength of the women and girls we support and how wonderfully they support each other.


Women prepared display boards about their work with WHM and the themes of voting, change and rights. Many women also contributed to our ‘on the day vote’…..sharing their thoughts with us on…..”if I could vote for anything it would be……….”


Prior to the event in the morning, the women and girls we work with had joined staff and trustees for our AGM and used their voice to vote on matters relating to the governance of WHM.  As always, it was such an inspirational event and thanks to all of the wonderful women for being part of it with us.