A poem about moving on.

A woman who attends one of our group wrote a moving poem about her experience –

I have layers of pain all running through my brain
I don’t wanna feel it in my vain
He put his hands over my lips I feel him upon my hips
I just wish this was a dream but it’s all been seen
All I feel is fear
On my face there’s a tear
Don’t do it to your wrists
It will all be bliss
I wish I didn’t feel sad
Wish I could call my dad
Just throw away the key
Lock the door
Rose you’ve been here before
You’re strong
It will not last long
Don’t listen to that song
All the lyrics are wrong
Rose you can work hard if you tried
You nearly died
I need to find myself
It’s not good for my mental health
Think of the kid’s mind
Their feelings are not blind
Tell yourself why do you keep going back
Just think ‘been there, done that’
He’ll never change
He’s out of your range
Stop walking on the edge
Push him to the hedge
He is your ex boyfriend
Now that’s the end.