The ‘Perfect’ Woman??

One of our young women’s groups have been talking about self-esteem and body image recently. Last week we managed to do a huge list of what society tells women they should look like.  There were lots of ‘tanned, but not too tanned’, ‘tall, but not too tall’, ‘fit, but not too muscley’.

We talked about whether anyone actually looks like that and what life would be like for the perfect woman (who we called ‘Patrycia!).  In the end, we decided that as young women, we can’t win, even if we had all the things on the list, we’d probably feel that we had to look different and always have to keep working on our bodies!


We designed our own ‘Perfect Patrycia’s’ who were, erm, interesting!!

Our biggest message to young women (and older women!) is, there ARE NO PATRYCIA’S! Society will always tell us we need to keep working on the way we look and if we take that message on board, it’ll be hard to ever be happy in our own skin.  It’s so hard not to listen to those messages but in group we’re going to be looking at how we challenge those critical voices in our head and the things we hear others say about women.

Ignore those inner voices, remember you’re awesome!

Sarah x


Spotlight on…. Aneira!

Every few months we try to have a bit of a ‘getting to know you’ from one of our team.  This time it was lovely Aneira’s turn.  She’s has been with us a few months now so it’s time to see how she’s settling in!

Spotlight on our staff

What does your role involve?

I work on The Key project which supports girls and young women (13-25) that have witnessed or experienced domestic violence. We address all sorts of topics in our groups, including healthy and unhealthy relationships, friendships, consent, staying safe, and self-esteem and confidence. We also look at any topics that the young women feel would be beneficial.

What’s your favourite thing at Womens Health Matters?

I love all the women that work here- everyone is so happy and friendly, it’s a very easy going place to work.

What are three things you like to do?

I like to chill out with a good film or a TV series (Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are my current favourites). I also don’t mind a good documentary every now and again.

I enjoy arts and crafts – drawing, colouring and making little bits and bobs for around the house and the garden

Shopping for shoes!! I love shoes!

If you had a magic wand what would you do with it?

I don’t like to see people unhappy or upset so I would use it to make everyone happy and smiley! =)

Smiling faces at Rainbow Hearts

The women at our Rainbow Hearts group were delighted to welcome back Kiran from Touchstone last week. We learned some chair-based exercises that we can also do in the comfort of our own home and lots of laughs were had when we played games to get the blood pumping. Thanks Kiran!


Summer time and the living is…busy!

Lots of our groups broke up for the summer this week and we’ve had some really lively sessions.  Some of our other groups had interesting, and often very lively, discussions on healthy vs unhealthy relationships (if it’s not ok for your partner to check your phone, is it really ok for you to check his??).  One of our groups started to look at the impact of domestic abuse on our wider friends and family.  This session followed a set of sessions covering the impact of domestic abuse on us and the impact on children of all ages.  We talked about how domestic abuse can have a ‘ripple effect’ throughout families and communities.  A difficult subject but as usual, we all left feeling really positive about what we’d shared and how far we’ve come.

The first school programme for The Key came to an end with some fantastic feedback (we’ll post about that later), we’re already in the process of speaking to schools about where our next programme will be in September.  No slowing down in WHM towers! Happy summer hols!