A poem about moving on.

A woman who attends one of our group wrote a moving poem about her experience –

I have layers of pain all running through my brain
I don’t wanna feel it in my vain
He put his hands over my lips I feel him upon my hips
I just wish this was a dream but it’s all been seen
All I feel is fear
On my face there’s a tear
Don’t do it to your wrists
It will all be bliss
I wish I didn’t feel sad
Wish I could call my dad
Just throw away the key
Lock the door
Rose you’ve been here before
You’re strong
It will not last long
Don’t listen to that song
All the lyrics are wrong
Rose you can work hard if you tried
You nearly died
I need to find myself
It’s not good for my mental health
Think of the kid’s mind
Their feelings are not blind
Tell yourself why do you keep going back
Just think ‘been there, done that’
He’ll never change
He’s out of your range
Stop walking on the edge
Push him to the hedge
He is your ex boyfriend
Now that’s the end.

Feel Good is in full flow!

Our Feel Good Course for women with learning disabilities is back in full swing. The course focuses on healthy bodies and healthy relationships, which actually covers a huge amount of topics.  Women are able to go at their own pace and repeat sections of the course as necessary before moving on to a follow-on group where they can continue to build their friendships and look in more detail at subjects covered on the course.

We always get such lovely women on the course, so, inevitably, women make new friends. We often have a bit of a giggle, but still get to talk about some really important stuff.

What women have said about the course:

“I really like coz everyone was nice”

“It’s helped me be more safe”.

“I made new friends. Don’t want it to end.”

““I really enjoyed the course had fun and laugh. I really enjoyed it”

 “I can help other women feel safer”

“I loved this course, I really enjoyed it”

We also deliver sessions to parents, carers and anyone supporting women with learning disabilities to help people feel more confident to engage in conversations about sex and relationships in an appropriate way. We know that people often feel embarrassed to talk about these things and so the subject often just gets swept under the carpet.  This sometimes means that women with learning disabilities get most of their information about relationships from what they see in the media.  This can be misleading and leave women more vulnerable.

The Feel Good Course runs on Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm at the Old Fire Station in Gipton. Contact Danielle Martin on 0113 244 3729 or email:danielle.martin@peopleinaction.org.uk

The Key Girls Group is taking referrals!

We currently have spaces available for our city-wide healthy relationships group for 13-16 year old girls.

The Key girls group is for young women aged 13-16 from Leeds. It’s for those who have been in an abusive relationship themselves, have grown up around one, or who have something going on that might mean they may enter an unhealthy relationship in the future for example low mood, low confidence or difficult family relationships.

The group meets weekly on a Thursday evening in the city centre during term time, we provide taxis to get to group and home again. It’s a 26 week programme with sessions covering topics such as staying safe, building self-esteem, healthy family relationships, the impact of abuse on children, identifying relationship abuse, CSE, self-harm and managing difficult emotions like stress and anger.  The group is really friendly and there’s no pressure to share anything they don’t want to.

When group members have completed the initial programme, there is the opportunity to go on to our Moving On Group if support is still needed.  Young women can contact us themselves or be referred by a professional.

For more information, a leaflet or to download a referral form, please see our website – https://www.womenshealthmatters.org.uk/what-we-do/the-key/.

*Please note that we also have a Key young women’s group for those aged 16-25, but this group is currently full.*

Spotlight On…… Amareen!

As regular blog readers will know, every few months we like to tell you more about members of our team, this time it’s the turn of our newest staff member Amareen, our Wellbeing Space and Support Service Worker.

What does your role involve?

My role involves engaging with the communities of South and East Leeds to facilitate the reduction of stigma around, and positive conversations about, mental health and self-care, and to set up groups and activities in these areas that encourage and support connectedness and wellbeing.

What’s your favourite thing about WHM?

The staff – everyone is so warm, welcoming and dedicated – a real pleasure and privilege to work with and be around.

What are 3 things you enjoy doing?

Reading, running, yoga.

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

So much! I would eradicate white supremacist colonialist heteronormative patriarchal capitalism and its modes of relating (which are driving us to extinction!),  and build a world that values and nurtures a  flourishing and love of life, encouraging healing, growth and creativity.