Our Message To The World

Everywhere we look these days, the news, social media, even in conversations with family and friends, we are bombarded with negative, “doom and gloom” messages and this can be really detrimental to our mental health. At Women’s Health Matters, we recognise this and would like to try and counter-balance this by sending out positive messages and vibes into the world. So, we’ve got together and have all come up with some lovely, positive messages to send out into the world!

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What have we been up to? Life at Women’s Health Matters during lockdown

Just over 9 weeks ago, we were all advised by the government to #stayhome #staysafe.  Our sense of normality, routine and structure all disappeared and we were all thrown into a bit of the unknown. We have all had moments where we have all felt a bit lost, not sure what to do with ourselves, or how we might get through this difficult and confusing time. So, we here at Women’s Health Matters thought it might be nice to share with the world what we have been up to, how we’ve been keeping ourselves busy and inspired, and most importantly how we’ve been looking after our mental health and well-being.

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