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Domestic Violence Project (LDVS)


Project Overview

As part of Leeds Domestic Violence Service (LDVS), we offer weekly groups for women in Leeds who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic violence and abuse. The group offers a safe space for women to meet others who have been through or are going through similar experiences.

Leeds Domestic Violence Service offers a rolling 15 week programme that focuses on domestic abuse and violence and building healthy relationships. We look at many aspects of these relationships such as the impact of abuse on both women and children, early warning signs, defining coercion and gaslighting, and creating safe support networks.  Women attending are also encouraged to build healthy coping strategies, giving them the ability to assess risk, stay safe and make positive choices.

Project Outcomes

By the end of this programme, women will:

  • Develop coping strategies that allow them to better manage stressful situations

  • Increase their knowledge about the impact of abuse, both on women and on children

  • Be able to identify the early warning signs of abuse

  • Be able to identify their own needs, and use self-care techniques

Project Offers

Leeds Domestic Violence Service offers:

  • Weekly groups in the West, South and East of the city

  • Access to practical advice and support via co-workers from partner organisations

Please discuss with a worker if you need support with transport or creche.


Make A Referral

You can refer yourself or be referred by a professional via the Leeds Domestic Violence Service Website, or call 0113 246 0401


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