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Women's Lives Leeds Empowering Systems Change Advisory Board


Project Overview

Funded by National Lottery Community Fund, Women’s Live Leeds Empowering System Change Project (ESC) recognises that the power of women’s voices especially those who have lived experiences, providing opportunities for women to have a voice and influence in local and strategic decision making.
Women’s Live Leeds works with 12 partners; Women Health Matters, Behind Closed doors, Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service, Shantona Women’s Centre, Basis Yorkshire, SARSVL, Together Women, Asha Neighborhood Project, Getaway Girls, Nari Ekta, Leeds Women’s Aid and Joanna Project.

Project Outcomes

Women who attend the WLL Advisory Board will:

  • have the opportunity to contribute to changes within services across Leeds

  • influence changes relating to how these services are run and led.

Project Offers

The WLL Empowering Systems Change Advisory Board offers:

  • Peer support opportunities

  • Opportunity to develop new skills

  • Increased levels of confidence

  • Opportunity to influence decision making across the city.

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Make A Referral

For more information about The Key Change, or to discuss a potential group at your school please call 0113 276 2851 and ask for Lydia, or alternatively email lydia@womenshealthmatters.org.uk


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