‘Hold Tight’ a poem about moving on from domestic abuse.

One of the women from our Leeds Domestic Violence Service groups recently wrote a poem for others going through similar experiences.  She read the poem at our Centenary Celebration in November and we really wanted to share it with you.


Hold Tight

What I want for you my dearest is that it stops here.

That your bruised, exploited mind and body

begins its healing here.

That you find within yourself the truth of who you are –

a unique, and solitary entity who stands alone,

who has her own song to sing,

her own story to write,

her own life to live –

free from the abusive, corrosive elements that wish you harm.

Hold tight my dearest,

hold tight to self belief as small as it may be –

just a spark perhaps –

yet as it breathes and lives your truth

it will set you free.