National Volunteers Week Part 3 – Our MVP Deputy Chair

This is the third post of our National Volunteers Week volunteer ‘thank yous’!

As part of our work at Women’s Health Matters, we Chair the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP), find out more about that here.  This week we are celebrating ‘National Volunteers Week’ at MVP by thanking all of our amazing volunteers, but with this post particularly shining a spotlight on our wonderful volunteer and Deputy Chair, Claire Licence.  As a practising doula Claire’s passion and experience of her subject flows into her voluntary role at the MVP.  Her open heartedness and commitment in raising the importance of women and families maternity experience has helped build an honest approach for giving feedback to midwives and staff at the hospital.

Claire joined the MVP in 2017 and has been instrumental in the transition from the Maternity Service Liaison Committee (MSLC) to launching the MVP in March 2018.  She supports the team here at Women’s Health Matters as we deliver the project through the Clinical Commissioning Group.  Claire and has been an integral part of establishing the monthly ‘Walking the Patch’ on the maternity wards.  For over a year now she has helped support new volunteers with approaching women and their families on the wards to give a ‘snap shot feedback’ to report back to the team leader meeting.

Claire has been invited on many occasions to represent service users by taking part in interview panels for helping to choose new staff for the trust including; Community Team Leader, Infant Feeding Coordinator and Community Matron at both St James’s and LGI sites.  To help illustrate this work Claire was invited to take part in a short film for the board of trustees to explain the positive working partnership she has helped form between the MVP and the maternity services over the last year.

Thank you Claire for all the time, energy and skills you have offered. The MVP could not have progressed this far without you!

For more information on the Maternity Voices Partnership and how you can get involved, click here.