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Updated: Jan 19

In our last blog we asked you what you had been up to and what had kept you going through lock-down – you got in touch and gosh, haven’t you been busy!! From crocheting to cake baking, poem writing, mindful colouring and nail design, you guys have been doing it all!!

During one of our online group sessions one of our lovely women shared with us these fabulous pictures of an amazing cheesecake that she made during lock-down – doesn’t it look so tasty! We can’t wait to get our hands on the recipe so we can try that one ourselves!

Our lovely women from our Rainbow Hearts group have been thoroughly enjoying the art packs sent out by our wonderful volunteer Rachel Nixon and have been trying to take a moment to relax by doing some mindful colouring sheets. Take a look at some of their beautiful creations.

In times as difficult and complex as these it is important to take time to ourselves, do something that we take joy from and take a moment to relax. Our mental health can be pushed to its limits and it is vitally important that we take care of ourselves. One of our incredible women has shared with us her experiences of lock-down living with depression.

Every day I need to be medicated My thoughts are always dictated. I’ve always felt like I’m suffocating And by god if that isn’t frustrating. The need for control consumes my thought But everything I accomplish feels like it’s for naught. My mind ticks over, throwing failures at me day and night I don’t sleep or eat, hell I’m running out of fight But I battle with my mind and hope that one day I’ll win You know how many times I’ve wanted a whole bottle of gin? Physically and mentally I’m always in pain But by writing this here, its strength that I gain. I hope one day we all can have hope Be that by meditation, creation or following the pope. The sky will not always be this grey For you I write this poem to try to show you the way. I don’t know all the answers to the questions you seek But I hope that you know that depression doesn’t make you weak

And finally, some of our amazing women have shared with us their amazing stories of returning to school, learng sign language, how to do acrylic nails and returning to do English and Maths- what a talented bunch! We wish you all the best with these courses ladies – we are sure you will all do great!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences, achievements and accomplishments with us all – we really do love seeing and hearing about everything that you have been up to.

If you would like to feature in one of upcoming blogs and let us know what you’ve been up to, contact one of the team, or email  

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