Spotlight on….Leeanne!

If you read our blog or newsletter, you’ll know that we like to give you a chance to get to know us better.  This time we find out more about Leeanne, she’s worked on lots of projects during her time with WHM and currently works on our Best Start Peer Support course, Inside Out & Rosebuds groups and also supports our Women’s Lives Leeds Partnership and MVP. She’s very busy!

Spotlight on…Leeanne –  

What does your role involve?

I run groups at Women’s Health Matters, for women whose children aren’t living with them and courses in partnership with Touchstone for parents and carers of young children.

What’s your favourite thing about WHM?

All the women I come into contact with – all the amazing, wonderful women who I work with and have become my second family, and the incredible women who come to our groups who inspire me every day with their kindness, strength and support of each other.

What are 3 things you enjoy doing?

Watching the tv – dull but it’s a great switch off

Spending time with family and friends

Getting outside and walking

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

Could I create magic wands for everyone with my magic wand please?!


Here’s Leeanne on the left with our lovely Elaine.


An update on our team – lots of changes.

We’ve had lots of changes here at WHM over the last month or two.  Three wonderful members of our team have moved on to pastures new.  We’ve said goodbye to our fantastic Director Ruth who has really steered the organisation forwards over the last four years. Fi, our Finance Manager, has been with the organisation for a long time and will be so missed.  As you may have seen from a previous blog post, our amazing Administrator Elaine has also moved on after years of keeping us all organised and cared for.  Although we’re so pleased for the three of them, we’re really sad to see them go and wish them all the luck in the world with their onward journeys!


This means we’ve welcomed some lovely new faces to our team – Rachel and Bridget.  Rachel Kelly is our new Chief Executive and Bridget Walker is our Finance & Office Manager.  They’ve already fit right into our office of passionate women, and we’re really thankful to have them.  We’ll introduce Bridget soon, but would like to introduce you to Rachel with our usual ‘spotlight on’ questions.

What does your role involve?

I’m currently going through a handover with my predecessor and learning lots about our vital programmes and the women and girls that we work with and support. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to my new role, bringing my own experiences and skills to Women’s Health Matters, working with our partners and supporters and continuing to develop our services.

What’s your favourite thing about WHM?

I think there are going to have to be two favourites so far; the fantastic staff team that are here, so warm, welcoming, experienced and passionate. And the privilege and pride I have already felt, when hearing the real stories and experiences of our women and girls and the positive differences our projects are making to them on their journeys.

What are 3 things do you enjoy doing?

I love reading and getting transported to somewhere new with a good book.

I’m trying to keep myself fit and especially enjoy swimming.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, especially if it involves a curry!

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

Where to start… I would eradicate poverty across the world and ensure everyone lives in a safe and stable world, with opportunities to love, learn, grow and succeed.


Spotlight On…… Amareen!

As regular blog readers will know, every few months we like to tell you more about members of our team, this time it’s the turn of our newest staff member Amareen, our Wellbeing Space and Support Service Worker.

What does your role involve?

My role involves engaging with the communities of South and East Leeds to facilitate the reduction of stigma around, and positive conversations about, mental health and self-care, and to set up groups and activities in these areas that encourage and support connectedness and wellbeing.

What’s your favourite thing about WHM?

The staff – everyone is so warm, welcoming and dedicated – a real pleasure and privilege to work with and be around.

What are 3 things you enjoy doing?

Reading, running, yoga.

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

So much! I would eradicate white supremacist colonialist heteronormative patriarchal capitalism and its modes of relating (which are driving us to extinction!),  and build a world that values and nurtures a  flourishing and love of life, encouraging healing, growth and creativity.

Spotlight on…… Fi, our Finance and Admin Manager!

We like to give people the chance to get to know the team, this time it’s lovely Fi’s turn to be under the spotlight.


What does your role involve?

All bookkeeping and accounting tasks, payroll, budgeting, planning and fundraising.  Managing the admin role of the organisation and being a member of the management team.


What’s your favourite thing about WHM?

The amazing women who work here and being part of a team that makes a difference in women’s lives.


What are 3 things that you enjoy going?

Walking with dogs, listening and dancing to music, hard sums.


If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

Bring in a basic income for all! So that everyone had enough money to live on and what you chose to do beyond that is up to you and your individual situation.  Work, study, be a musician, start your own business, care for others.  I know it’s all a bit pie in the sky but they have tried it out in other European countries with some success.