Could you be our new Trustee?

Are you interested in joining our fantastic Board of Trustees?

During the recent Volunteers Week in June we wrote about our fabulous seven Trustees – the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run.

We will be advertising for new female Trustees shortly and we are especially looking for:

  • A Treasurer
  • A Trustee with senior management experience in the voluntary sector
  • A Trustee who is a fundraiser or has significant fundraising experience

Our Trustees are a committed and passionate about the work that we do and their meetings combine hard work and humour to help make the important decisions required of Trustees!  If you have one of these skill sets and want to learn more about our upcoming recruitment and a bit more about us and our Board then give our Director Ruth a call on 0113 276 2851 or drop her a line on

Here’s what some of our current Trustees say their favourite thing about WHM is……..

“All the staff and all the trustees have a uniting belief that women can and should be in control of their own lives and health. It’s a great team to be part of.”

“Attending the AGM always makes me be proud of what women can achieve, despite often extreme adverse situations. It is so positive to see how women’s lives can change, given the right support and help through WHM.”

“The staff are so enthusiastic about their work, and knowing we’re making a real difference to women who perhaps don’t have anyone else who really cares about them makes all the hard work worthwhile.”



Next up this National Volunteers Week – our fantastic Trustees!

This is the week to say a special thanks to our wonderful volunteer Trustees.  Charity Trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run.  At WHM we are lucky to have seven Trustees who are passionate about and committed to the work that we do.  They meet regularly throughout the year as a full Board and in sub committees and review the current status of our services, keep abreast of our finances, governance and safeguarding issues and work with the staff to plan for the future development of WHM.
Our Trustees bring together a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from their working and personal lives and this produces great discussions at Board meetings, led by our Chair Alison Cater, to resolve challenging issues and when necessary vote to implement important decisions.  You can see who they are here.
Did you catch our blogs on our Trustees where we learnt a little bit more about them, how they arrived at our door and crucially if they had a magic wand what would they do with it?!?  If you missed the blogs……don’t worry…….click the links below to meet our Trustees during this special week to celebrate the wonderful volunteers we have at WHM and across the charity sector.

Meet Alison, Amie and Emma.

Meet Hannah and Tracey.

Meet Naffie.

Meet Kate.

We will be recruiting soon for more Trustees…..keep an eye on our website and social media if interested.


Welcome to our new Trustee Kate!

We’d like to say a huge welcome to our newest trustee Kate Lawrance who brings a massive amount of experience to our fabulous board of Trustees! We always like to have a bit of a ‘getting to know you/ Spotlight on you’ post so you can find out more about the whole team.  Here’s more about Kate and her background prior to joining WHM –

Kate has over 16 years’ experience working as a Safeguarding professional.  Working for West Yorkshire Police as a Detective Constable, Kate’s work mainly focused on the victims of crimes. Specifically, Kate worked with cases involving sexual abuse in adults and children, domestic abuse, where the whole family are affected and child abuse, including sexual exploitation.
She has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the evidence gathering process, producing successful police prosecutions resulting in criminal sentences. Also, Kate has an in depth knowledge of the process that is required of a “victim of crime” during an investigation, understanding the sensitivity and devastating impact these crimes have.  More recently, Kate has worked as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor for a charity, helping those experiencing domestic abuse get the advice and support to make their life safer.  Her current role is as a Support and Partnership Co-ordinator at Ramsdens Solicitors, where she facilitates the active signposting of clients who have sought legal advice from a solicitor.
Kate’s a passionate and empathetic person who has witnessed and recognises the impact that abuse and trauma can have on a persons’ ability to gain the advice and support they require.
Welcome to WHM Kate!

Spotlight on our team – Hannah and Naffie

This ‘Spotlight On’ we hear from Hannah W and Naffie, our newest Trustee.


Hannah – Wellbeing Case Worker for Rainbow Hearts

What does your role involve?

I work alongside the Rainbow Hearts group providing 1-1 support to asylum seeking women. I support women with their mental health and reducing loneliness and isolation.

What’s your favourite thing about WHM?

The people – everyone is friendly and supportive. I am enjoying being part of WHM, I have been welcomed into the team and feel like I have been here ages now! It is inspiring to be around so many passionate, committed women.

What are 3 things you enjoy doing?

Running, camping and Lego

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

I would magic away all weapons, ammunition, bombs and bullets and make people talk out their problems rather than fighting. I would also magic myself a beautiful campsite on a beach in Scotland and I would spend my days baking cakes and running up and down hills surrounded by cats.



Naffie –

Why did you become a Trustee for Womens Health Matters?

A work colleague who is also a Trustee at Womens Health Matters approached me. My colleague stated that they needed a Treasurer on the board. At that point I had never heard of Womens Health Matters.  I then read about the organisation and the positive difference it makes to the lives of women.  This sparked my interest and made me want to be part of the charity.

What is your favourite thing about Womens Health Matters?

My favourite thing about WHM is how the WHM annual event gives women we support an opportunity and courage to voice out their experiences and how the organisation has positively impacted their lives to enable them to realise that they are not alone and they have more control over their lives and health.

What do you do outside of Womens Health Matters?

I work for Leeds City council Childrens and Families. My role entails working closely with the Commissioning Team and Local elected members for Children and Young people.

I have a BSc degree in International Accounting, certified in SAP financials, at the Professional Level of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certification and also completed more than eight years of public and private accounting experience where attention to detail is essential when managing client flies and proof reading financial statements. I am able to contribute these skills to WHM as a Treasurer.

Outside of all of the above and WHM, I enjoy going to the gym and Arabic classes.

If you had a magic wand what would you do with it?

I will make sure that every woman has justice, respect, care and compassion.