Thanks to our wonderful donors!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been so lucky to receive three lots of fantastic donations.

A little while ago we were contacted by a mum who said that her daughter was coming up to her sixth birthday and had told her mum that she wanted to donate some of her gifts to us for children that may not receive any of their own.  We were so touched by this amazing little girls kindness and couldn’t wait to meet her!

She and her mum brought her lovely gifts into our office where Lucy and Fi presented her with a certificate for her kindness.  We can safely say that she’s an inspiration to us all and the children of women we work with will have some big smiles!  Thank you so much for being so kind-hearted and thinking of us!

Our wonderful friends at the White Rose Shopping Centre generously donated Body Shop gifts for Mother’s Day to us.  Many of the mums we gave them to wouldn’t have received a present themselves and were really touched by the gifts.  We also gave them to women whose children are no longer in their care.  Mother’s Day can be a particularly difficult time when your child is not with you and it’s important to remember that they will always be mums.

We were really thankful to be able to give them something to pamper themselves with as self-care is so important.  Thank you so much to the White Rose Shopping Centre and the Body Shop for enabling us to make Mother’s Day special for so many women.

At the end of March we received an incredible donation of sanitary products from Leeds University Union’s Outreach Team.  Between donations of cash and products, the team managed to collect almost 8000 sanitary items and we are so thankful to have been one of the charities chosen to receive them. A shocking number of girls and women are unable to access sanitary products and it can have a huge impact on their lives. This incredible donation means a lot to us and the women we work with.  You can see Aneira and Sarah here receiving the products from the Team.

You can find out more about their fabulous work to tackle period poverty here –

Thank you so much to the LUU team and everyone who donated, we think you’re all wonderful!

If this post has inspired you to donate items or fundraise for us, please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you!