Thanks to our fabulous supporters!

We’ve had various donations over the last few months, you can stay updated on these if you follow us on Twitter, we thought it was about time we gave our supporters a real shout out in a blog post!


Lots of you may have heard of period poverty – where for lots of different reasons girls and women can’t afford to buy sanitary products like tampons and sanitary pads.  If you haven’t heard about it, you can read more about it here . Although this has been in the news a lot more, it hasn’t been something new to us, with some of the women we work with telling us for a long time that they just can’t afford to buy sanitary items.  One of the incredible things we’ve seen is small groups coming together to fundraise so that people who need sanitary items can have them.  Such a small thing makes such a huge difference.


Over the last few months we’ve had three separate incredible groups give us donations of items or cash so that we can give these much-needed products to the girls and women we work with.


Lovely Rhea from Leeds Beckett Student Union dropped their incredible donation off with our Leeanne and Karen.

We then had a financial donation from Leeds RAG via their PADS campaign. PADS (Power Action Dignity Support) was set up specifically to support a number of women’s charities in Leeds around this issue.  You can find out more about the campaign here.

Rosie and her colleagues from Leeds University Union made the final fantastic drop off with our Director Ruth.  We can’t thank you all enough for your support, so many girls and women will benefit from your kindness and tenacity!


Our friends from the White Rose Shopping Centre have continued to support us with their wonderful donations for the women we work with, from clothing to toys, from toiletries to items for babies and children.  We need to say a special thank you to Debra who has always supported us and been passionate about our work.


Lastly we were amazed by the donation from Janine who had found out about our work from her neighbour.  Janine dropped off the most amazing massive donation including clothes and toys (plus an amazing Hobby Horse that we’re having to stop certain team members having a go on!).  So many women and their families will benefit from this kind support and we’re hugely grateful.


You’re all wonderful and we thank you so much!!