The Feel Good Team are out and about!

Hannah and Sally have been even more busy than usual going to lots of events to promote the Feel Good group, which for women with learning disabilities where we get to talk about our bodies and all types of relationships. Sally tells us what they’ve been up to recently.

“We went along the the Being Social event in September organised by Connect in the North. It was great to see so many different organisations there offering loads of different activities for people with learning disabilities.  They had to run it over two floors there were so many, and it was heaving with people looking for new things to get involved with!  It was such a great atmosphere and everyone we spoke to was really excited about Feel Good.

We then managed to get along to our first Tenfold Pop Up event in October. This was at Technorth, where a lot of staff are based who work in Learning Disabilities support services.  Again it was really busy, but this time with workers.  We made some really useful contacts and ate some absolutely delicious curry.

We also took part in the Sex and Relationships Event Day hosted by Advonet in November. We delivered a workshop on the importance of privacy and what privacy means to different people (it can be a complex issue for people who need personal care support).  It sparked a lot of really interesting discussions and a fair amount of giggling – we do like to have a giggle!


We’ve had some interesting sessions with staff from other organisations coming to speak to women in the Feel Good group about different topics. Our good friend Sarah Wheatley from Connect in the North delivered a really interesting session on sexting and

Wendy Ponton from Luv2MeetU, an introductions agency for people with learning disabilities, also came along to the group to share some tips on meeting new people and keeping safe. We even looked at different ways we flirt with people we fancy.

We’re so glad to be a part of this thriving network of support services in Leeds for people with learning disabilities!”