The Women of WHM

Many of us have found recent events difficult to manage and have had to adapt to a new way of living. Here at Women’s Health Matters we have been focused on what we can do to take care of ourselves during these difficult times and have ask the wonderful women from some of our groups to share with us some of the things that have helped them – here’s what they told us…

What groups do you attend at Women’s Health Matters?


Inside Out

What’s your living situation during lock-down?

Living alone

Not being able to go anywhere, not going to groups for support, not being able to see any professionals for my mental health

I live with my sister and my nieces and nephews

Living with partner (now ex)

Living at home with my partner

How have you been feeling?

Felt positive since starting this course, feel like things are finally getting started.

Depressed, anxious, panic, not sleeping properly and worrying about my health

I have been feeling really low to the point that I wanted to end my life but I didn’t.


Down and low, but sometimes happy

What’s been difficult for you?

The loneliness, quietness and heartache when saying goodbye

Getting out of the house and doing things

Not seeing my friends from group and not seeing my kids more often like I did.

Not seeing people and no groups

Not seeing friends, not being able to go out as much and no groups

What have you done that’s helped you?

Got back to the gym, walking, reading and trying positive thoughts. Taking my sisters new puppy out.

Writing things down.

Talking to the ladies from group and listening to music on my phone.

Spoke to friends and listening to music.

Spoke to friends, cleaned, listening to music, keeping myself busy and writing things down.

If you would like to share with us things that have helped you during lockdown, why not get in touch. Email