Welcome to our new Trustee Kate!

We’d like to say a huge welcome to our newest trustee Kate Lawrance who brings a massive amount of experience to our fabulous board of Trustees! We always like to have a bit of a ‘getting to know you/ Spotlight on you’ post so you can find out more about the whole team.  Here’s more about Kate and her background prior to joining WHM –

Kate has over 16 years’ experience working as a Safeguarding professional.  Working for West Yorkshire Police as a Detective Constable, Kate’s work mainly focused on the victims of crimes. Specifically, Kate worked with cases involving sexual abuse in adults and children, domestic abuse, where the whole family are affected and child abuse, including sexual exploitation.
She has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the evidence gathering process, producing successful police prosecutions resulting in criminal sentences. Also, Kate has an in depth knowledge of the process that is required of a “victim of crime” during an investigation, understanding the sensitivity and devastating impact these crimes have.  More recently, Kate has worked as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor for a charity, helping those experiencing domestic abuse get the advice and support to make their life safer.  Her current role is as a Support and Partnership Co-ordinator at Ramsdens Solicitors, where she facilitates the active signposting of clients who have sought legal advice from a solicitor.
Kate’s a passionate and empathetic person who has witnessed and recognises the impact that abuse and trauma can have on a persons’ ability to gain the advice and support they require.
Welcome to WHM Kate!