What have we been up to? Life at Women’s Health Matters during lockdown

Just over 9 weeks ago, we were all advised by the government to #stayhome #staysafe.  Our sense of normality, routine and structure all disappeared and we were all thrown into a bit of the unknown. We have all had moments where we have all felt a bit lost, not sure what to do with ourselves, or how we might get through this difficult and confusing time. So, we here at Women’s Health Matters thought it might be nice to share with the world what we have been up to, how we’ve been keeping ourselves busy and inspired, and most importantly how we’ve been looking after our mental health and well-being.

Aneira kicked us off by letting us know what she had been up to. With a 2-year-old toddler, life outside of work for Aneira has been very busy, keeping her little one occupied and entertained. As quite a creative person, Aneira has been spending much of her time doing lots, and lots, and LOTS of arty- crafty things with her little girl. They’ve been busy painting pebbles for the garden, making Elmer elephants out of milk bottles, painting using balloons and even made some dragons out of toilet rolls!! Busy busy!

Karen on the other-hand, has spent her time in lockdown missing her hairdresser – so much so that she took matters into her own hands! She and her husband watched a hair-cutting demo on the internet and then gave it a go themselves! Being the brave woman that she is, Karen asked her husband to cut an inch off the bottom….He took four! To add insult to injury, the only hair dye Karen could find left her hair the same colour as her garden fence! Challenging times indeed! Thankfully, our ever-optimistic Karen appreciates that, at the end of the day, it is just hair, and it will grow back.

Many of us here at Women’s Health Matters, much like everyone else out there, have been learning to juggle work, schooling, childcare, technology and our ever changing, up and down, emotions – adjusting to life on the “coronacoaster”. Our wonderful Leeanne, gave us a bit of an insight into how she’s been managing, taking inspiration from her new rescue cat – Ernie. The beautiful Ernie has inspired Leeanne to take time out when she can, to stretch, to sleep, to eat, to keep hydrated and to keep herself lovely and clean! As Leeanne says – when in doubt – make like Ernie!

Something else that has changed for our beautiful Leeanne is that she has taken to driving!! Go Leeanne! Leeanne passed her driving test at the end of January, but felt to nervous to take to the roads and go out and drive, making every excuse she could think of to avoid it. But when things changed, Leeanne ran out of excuses and took to the roads (all be it full of nerves and recuse remedy!) Rightly so, our Leeanne felt super proud of herself – she finally did something that scared her and pushed her outside of her comfort zone!

During these difficult times, many of us are focused on looking after other people, family, friends, colleagues – all too often we forget about ourselves. Our fantastic CEO, Rachel, reminded us just how important it is to take time for ourselves and has been sharing with us just how she has made time for her during this difficult, stressful time. Rachel has been making the most of not having to travel to the office on a morning, and has been using this time to practice yoga! As a newbie, Rachel has been making the most of free videos on YouTube – she’s already feeling the benefits and is already feeling a little bit more flexible! Rachel has also signed up to a free, live philosophy class which takes place online. Through this course Rachel has ‘met’ so many new people from all across the country and beyond – there’s even one lady from South Africa in her group!

And finally – our wonderful Lucy P. The first few weeks of lockdown were extremely difficult for our poor Lucy, with her daughter staying 300 miles away with her Dad. But on the 9th of May, Lucy was finally reunited with her daughter! Many a happy tear were shed after 8 weeks apart! The extremely self-disciplined Lucy has been quite strict with herself during lockdown, laying down some ground rules on how to be more creative, and ensuring that she makes time to stop, enjoy nature and have quality time with her family.  She’s taken to growing veg in her garden (and as you can see is an absolute natural at it!), is learning more songs on her guitar, and letting her creative side out by doing creative know work on jam jars! Multi-talented!


All of us here at Women’s Health Matters hope you are all safe and well. We hope that in sharing our stories with you, you are able to find some inspiration and maybe a few new ideas that you can try out yourselves. But above all else, we want you to know that you are not alone, remember that we are here with you through this difficult time. We are here for you, to support, and to listen. Remember –  You matter, You are important.

Catch us next time to see what the rest of team have been up to over the last few weeks.

Take care of yourselves. X