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Family Canvas

Project Overview

Family Canvas is an arts-based project that aims to give those already working with Women’s Health Matters an opportunity to explore their creativity in an encouraging and non-judgmental environment. Women who have attended groups previously are welcomed to our Friday drop-in, where each week materials, resources and ideas are provided to support art-making for wellbeing.

Women may also be offered the chance to work independently or with their children to create a canvas that reflects elements of themselves, their family, their hopes and their futures. Led by trainee art therapist and Women’s Health Matters employee Georgia Griffiths, these sessions will focus on the therapeutic qualities of creating art together, using materials as a way of exploring and imagining.

Please note Family Canvas sessions are only available to women who are already enrolled in a Women’s Health Matters service and we cannot accept new external referrals.

Project Outcomes

Family Canvas sessions will:

  • Give women the time and support to engage their creativity, whether independently or alongside others

  • Create time for family bonding and allow children a chance for expression

  • Work will be taken home or displayed at Women’s Health Matters

Project Offer

Family Canvas offers:

  • Access to high quality materials and resources

  • Work to take home or display

  • Snacks and refreshments

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