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The Key Change

Funded by Children in Need, The Key Change offers group support within a  school setting to young women and girls who have witnessed, experienced or are at risk of experiencing unhealthy or abusive relationships.

Over the course of 6-8 weeks, The Key offers a flexible, tailored programme of support covering topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, domestic violence, consent, CSE, assertiveness, confidence-building and self-esteem.

Delivered within the familiar school setting, The Key Change runs outside of school hours as an extra-curricular activity, ensuring that learning and academic progress is not impacted.

Alongside groups work, The Key Change also offers one-to-one support for members of the group, allowing a space to confidentially discuss ongoing concerns and receive additional support.

If you are interested in running The Key Change at your school, email or telephone 0113 276 2851.


“It’s a safe space to open up”

“I felt like I could come out of my comfort zone”

“I enjoyed the conversations and being able to speak about things openly”

“It made me feel as though we could speak about anything and my information would be listened to”


74% of girls reported an increased knowledge of abusive relationships

74% of girls reported increased skills to keep themselves safe from abuse

  • Girls can often feel pressured into starting a relationship without having the confidence to say what they want from them.

  • 89% of young people answered yes to the following: “Verbal threats and criticism is ok as long as your partner doesn’t hit you” (Disrespect No-Body Campaign)

  • Women’s Aid found that one third of teenage girls have been in abusive relationships and 64% of girls have experienced abusive behaviours without realising it.

  • 25% of police callouts for domestic violence in Leeds during 2018 were witnessed by a young person.

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