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The Key Change

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Project Overview

The Key Change offers group support within a school setting to young women and girls who have witnessed, experienced or are at risk of experiencing unhealthy or abusive relationships.

Over the course of 6-8 weeks, The Key Change offers a flexible, tailored programme of support covering topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, domestic violence, consent, CSE, assertiveness, confidence building and self-esteem.

Delivered within the familiar school setting, The Key Change runs outside of school hours as an extra-curricular activity, ensuring that learning and academic progress is not impacted.

Alongside group work, The Key Change also offers-one-to-one support for members of the group, allowing a space to confidentially discuss ongoing concerns and receive additional support.

Project Outcomes

Young women and girls who attend The Key Change will:

Increase their knowledge about the impact of abuse. Over 74% of girls who have previously attended the group have reported an increase in their knowledge


Be able to identify the early warning signs of abuse


Increase skills to keep themselves safe from abuse. Over 74% of girls who have previously attended the group reported an increase in their ability to stay safe from abuse


Increase their knowledge on issues such as CSE and consent

Project Offers

The Key Change offers:


Flexible and tailored sessions for the young women and girls attending sessions


Sessions outside of school hours, ensuring that learning is not impacted


Ongoing one-to-one support for members of the group



What Young Women and Girls have said about The Key Change

"Its a safe space to open up"

"I felt like I could come out of my comfort zone"

"I enjoyed the conversations and being able to speak about things openly"

"It made me feel as though we could speak about anything and my information would be listened to"

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