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In 2022/23 we...

Worked with 2517 women & girls across 27 projects

Provided intensive support to 1214 women & girls, lighter touch support to 1303 women & girls, and supported 303 children

Delivered 869 group sessions and 1728 one-to-one sessions

Our Impact: Who We Are

Our annual survey of women and girls we support showed:


have increased self confidence


feel more positive about their future


feel safer


feel better able to respond to abusive relationships


of mums feel more confident in their parenting


have a better understanding of what abuse is


have improved mental wellbeing


said they now make better choices


have developed a more positive support network

Our Impact: List

"If it wasn't for groups like this, I really don't know where I would have been. It has saved my life and wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Women's Health Matters, and I will always be grateful for them."

Our Impact: Quote

"I was feeling useless, lonely, depressed, angry, upset, had no confidence, unworthy... Women's Health Matters has been my saviour. I've been helped immensely. I'm more confident, more aware and a million times stronger."

Our Impact: Quote

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