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Leeds Domestic Violence Service - Sanctuary Support Scheme

The sanctuary scheme is currently in place to make individuals in fear of crime feel safer in their homes and to potentially prevent homelessness. This particularly includes those who are or have experienced domestic abuse. We support survivors in Leeds who require additional security measures and safety planning. We also offer emotional, practical and advocacy support focusing on, but not limited to, their experience of domestic abuse. This project aims to create additional pathways for survivors from marginalised groups to access support.

A referral for sanctuary measures can be made to Leeds Housing Options by external agencies, with an option to request further support from the sanctuary support team. Alternatively, download the referral form here and send to

We are not currently accepting self-referrals. Please note, due to the nature of the measures, this support is only appropriate for those who do not live with the perpetrator. Permission to fit sanctuary measures will be needed from the landlord and/or owner of the property, in situations where the property is privately rented/owned by someone other than the client. 

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