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Rainbow Hearts

Project Overview

Rainbow Hearts is a weekly group for women seeking asylum in Leeds and is supported by Leeds City Council.

At Rainbow Hearts, women of all ages come together to give and receive emotional support from other women who have had similar experiences. Health and social support information sessions are offered around topics such as self-care, well-being and healthy eating. We offer creative sessions such as therapeutic art activities, singing and movement.

Project Outcomes

Women attending Rainbow Hearts will:

  • be supported to link with other support services in the city

  • Make new friends and widen their support networks

  • Gain a better understanding of their rights

  • Will have increased levels of confidence and resilience.

Project Offer

Rainbow Hearts offer:

  • Support with transport

  • Interpreters

  • Support with learning English

  • Access to donated clothes, shoes and bedding

  • Breakfast, fresh fruit and other refreshments

What women say about Rainbow Hearts

"I love to chat to people and go to things with people. It's much better than sitting at home, thinking and being lonely."

"I love coming to Rainbow Hearts, all the different countries and backgrounds, always beside me."

"It's difficult to find a place i can go to with a child- thank you for being one of those places I can go"

Make A Referral

For more information about Rainbow Hearts, or to discuss a potential referral, please call 0113 276 2851 and ask for Emily.

If you would like to refer yourself, or a woman you are supporting, please complete our online referral form.

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