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Pregnancy Choices Advocacy Service

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Project Overview

The Pregnancy Choices Advocacy Service (PCAS) offers support to women, girls and pregnant people if at least one of the following applies:

  • You are pregnant and unsure of whether to continue with the pregnancy

  • You are pregnant and facing significant other challenges, such as domestic abuse, human trafficking, poverty, disability, or social isolation. This may also include those who have current social care involvement while pregnant.

  • You have accessed multiple terminations and would like support around this

  • You have recently been pregnant and accessed a termination and would like to talk about this

The Pregnancy Choices Advocacy Service offers impartial information on midwifery and termination options, and 1-1 support whether the decision is to continue with a pregnancy or access a termination. The service recognises the strengths of each person and the challenges they face and can respond to individual needs to support people before, during and after their pregnancy choices. Support will be offered in person or over the telephone depending on the person's need.  We can also offer support and company in attending appointments, as well as onward signposting to relevant services as needed. Each person will then be offered appropriate follow-up support.

The Pregnancy Choices Advocacy Service is open to women, girls and pregnant people in Leeds at any stage of pregnancy. This project seeks to make early access to pregnancy services possible for more of the Leeds population, especially for those where the barriers to support are greater.

Project Outcomes

  • Improved mental and physical health outcomes

  • Informed choices around parenthood and termination

  • Support through appointment attendance

  • Increase in positive coping mechanisms

  • Extended support network of relevant services

  • Reduction in isolation through decision making

Project Offer

  • A flexible approach to the length of 1-1 support, recognising the individual needs of each person

  • Transport costs and overnight support costs where appropriate

  • Company in attending appointments

  • A comprehensive knowledge of services, onward signposting, and follow up support

  • Space to meet and discuss options outside of the home

  • Refreshments

Make A Referral

For more information about Pregnancy Advocacy Service, or to discuss a potential referral please call 0113 276 2851 and ask for Leeanne or email

If you would like to refer yourself, or a woman you are supporting, please complete our online referral form.

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