• Lydia Harford

Snowdrops Baking Session

At Snowdrops online group we offer a safe space for women to feel connected whilst being physically distanced.

Recently, we decided to do an online baking session. I sent out a recipe for four ingredient peanut butter cookies (see below) and anyone who wanted to join in, could. Those who couldn’t bake, joined the Zoom call anyway and chatted to us while we attempted to make the cookies (some more successfully than others!). My cookies came out burnt as I didn’t have any baking paper so greased the oven tray with butter – big mistake. But other peoples looked much better, as you can see below.

The session was successful; we all had a giggle, learned more about each other, practiced our baking skills, and took some time out from our busy schedules to do something for ourselves. Often, we forget how important we are and get caught up doing everything for others. Group is a really good reminder to take time for ourselves.