See Me, Hear Me

Inspired by the Queen's Jubilee, funded by Arts Council England and in partnership with The Tetley, Women's Health Matters hosted See Me, Hear Me on May 25th, 2022; an event that bought together the many women WHM supports to celebrate their diversity and unique journeys through creativity. 

Queen Elizabeth II appears in over 1,000 portraits in collections across the UK. With support from the Let's Create Jubilee Fund, women working with WHM collaborated to create backdrops for their own portraits taken as part of the celebratory See Me, Hear Me Event. See the incredible backdrops below.

Women also worked alongside creative writing students from Leeds Art University to create written pieces about their lives and experiences.

The backdrops and audio recordings of their written pieces are currently on display at The Tetley until 21st August. We invite you all to visit, hear the stories of the women we support and consider the differing visibility of women in public life.

You are welcome to take your own photo in front of the backdrops - don't forget to tag us in any social media posts!

The Backdrops
Listen To The Women's Words

Listen to a selection of audio recordings of women's creative writing below.

To maintain anonymity, the voices you hear are not those of the women supported by WHM.

Never Forget

00:00 / 00:58

Second Time In Group

00:00 / 02:38

A Safe Space

00:00 / 00:38

Don't Quit

00:00 / 00:25


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00:00 / 00:42

The Reason My Life Has Meaning

00:00 / 00:46

My Story

00:00 / 00:46

When Life Is Bleak

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See The Women's Work
Stormy Days
Unspent Time
Six Again
My Life
When I Grow Up
My Story
My Experience
By My Side
Letter to my abuser
A Safe Place
By My Side 2
A Word To Our Funders and Supporters