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  • Taylor Harrison

Breathe Free June 2021

Hello I’m Taylor Harrison, the newest member of the Women’s Health Matter’s team and the project lead for the Breathe Free project. I started in April and have been busy along with my 3 colleagues setting up the project. We have been running face to face groups for the past 4 weeks, and will continue to have weekly groups until the school summer holidays start (all groups run term time only) .

Breathe Free runs two different groups, firstly a Stabilisation Group runs for eight weeks and focuses on supporting women to develop a toolkit to feel safe, to have experience of groups, and to build confidence to go on to attend the 14 week Healthy Relationship Domestic Abuse course.

I have been working closely with Arlie Haslam from Your Space Wellbeing Service (part of Touch Stone) who is going to be delivering sessions that focus on self-care, creativity and linking into social activities. We have three sessions with a Yoga teacher, who will teach about breathing techniques to help with anxiety, sleep, depression, etc.

I’m really excited to be working with the University of Birmingham who will be conducting the evaluation of the project. They are really keen to get involved and have co-production at the core of their work.

We are currently advertising for a worker to join me in the Breathe Free team please look at the website for more information, closing date is 7th July 2021.

I look forward to sharing more updates and progress on the project in future blogs.

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